In this season of giving thanks, it's common to be prompted to pause and count our blessings because this is what we're told the holiday season is all about. Sometimes, however, the holiday season can also draw our attention to our problems. We think about the family we have, the family we don't have, the gifts we are supposed to buy and the bills we still have to pay and it can all become overwhelming. Our attention is drawn to what we are lacking instead of what we have to be grateful for. Society tell us that this is the time to be grateful, but how do we do that in light of all that we are facing?

Today, I want to give you a concrete tool that you can use to refocus your attention on what there is to be grateful for. In this exercise, you are tasked with looking for evidence of what you feel you are wanting, in the world. For example, if you want to see more abundance in your life so that you can buy all those presents that you think you have to buy, start looking fo…

Living the Limitless Life: Kim Mitchell at TEDxYouth@SantaMonica

It is important in life to define our own limits, therefore, we can decide that we are limitless! In this TEDx talk I explore my own experiences in life and how I learned to define my own limits and become limitless. Please contact me if you'd like me to speak at your event or training session.

Spring Forward Stress Free

Join me on April 30 at 2 pm in Van Nuys for "Staring Down A Squirrel: Spring Forward Stress Free." I will be teaching three key tools to successfully manage stress. You can register at with the group Inspired Women: The Valley or contact me via Facebook at Kim Mitchell, International Speaker to join my guest list!

Personal Retreat: Time for You

Last week I got to the point where I was feeling overwhelmed. If I allowed myself, I could work twenty four hours a day. Keeping up that pace, however, is not feasible. I was beginning to feel the strain of it all. I felt it so much so that I was beginning to shut down. I was not motivated to continue working. I simply could not keep moving forward without recharging. So on my day off, I checked into a hotel near the beach for a much needed personal retreat.

When most people think of a vacation they think of sight seeing and exploring someplace foreign to them. Instead, I retreated to an area that I knew well. I spent hours on the couch watching crime dramas on television in my hotel loft suite. I walked. I drank some wine and ate lots of snacks. I spent very little time on the Internet. I did not dine in restaurants, but opted instead to go to the market and eat in the suite. You may be thinking that this doesn't sound like much of a vacation, but to me it was.

You see, the key…

Love Will Have The Final Word

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant.
-- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, December 10, 1964
Today we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. To commemorate this day, I went for a walk in nature while I listened to one of Dr. King's speeches. It was a speech given to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the writing of the Declaration of Independence. In it, he talked about the promises that America had not yet fulfilled. He discussed police brutality, unequal pay, and segregated education. I found myself in tears as I listened to all the obstacles facing Black Americans during that time. I found myself in tears because much of what Dr. King said still applies today.

After I had a moment to grieve the loss of Dr. King as well as the sadder chapters of our history, I found myself wishing that as a society we could say that Dr. …

Toes in the Sand

I live near a mall. That usually isn’t important or relevant except now it’s Christmastime. Nearly every time I forget not to drive past the mall parking lot I say a choice expletive.

Holidays can be a stressful time. It seems that I have so many errands that I wonder how I ever got any of them done when I wasn’t on vacation from work. In addition to errands, there are the usual responsibilities like keeping my exercise routine going, maintaining my meditation practice, and keeping in touch with family and friends. The additional holiday responsibilities can put a lot of pressure on all of us and I have learned how important it is to do things to remain grounded.

So in the middle of all of my frantic running around the other day, I decided to stop at the beach. I only had fifteen minutes to spare and just enough change to feed the meter. I took off my shoes and walked across the sand. I stood near a lifeguard tower and watched the birds and the ocean waves. I watched the surfers ridi…

Open Your Hand

In a previous post I shared that I’ve experienced a lot of loss recently. In some cases friends have moved away and in other cases friends are no longer friends. Several people I know have made their transitions. As I talk to friends, they are experiencing much of the same thing.

When I try to hold on to what was, in the face of things changing, it causes me to suffer. I see that. I came up with an analogy to help myself understand why we have to release what was, in order to embrace what is.

I like to think about what I want to hold onto as being in my hand. I envision my fingers clasped tightly into a fist to keep it in my hand. What I have come to realize is that as long as my hand is closed around that past situation, event, or relationship, Spirit cannot place anything new into it.

So I am opening my hand and trusting that God will fill it again with situations that are more aligned with my highest good. Just like a closed mouth doesn't get fed, a closed fist doesn't get…