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Miraculous Gratitude

Recently I took a trip with a group of people on The Ocean of Gratitude Cruise. I focused on being grateful for all that I have and all that God has provided in terms of resources, people, and things.

What is miraculous about gratitude is that focusing on it puts all else in order. Before I left on the trip, I was worried about my financial dealings. I have a contract that I've been working since September that had not been approved and thus I wasn't receiving the pay that I should. While I was gone, rather than focusing on what I was worried about, I focused on what I was grateful for. Miraculously, the contract that has been on hold for months was approved. Things that were "stuck" got unstuck by focusing on what I want to expand rather than focusing on what wasn't going the way I thought it should in my life.

Take some time to be grateful for what you have. It may not be exactly what you want, but see the good in it. Like energies attract one another. Focusing o…

Black History Moment

What is the furthest you've ever walked? You missed the last bus or train so you had to walk two miles? Twelve? Imagine walking from Mississippi to California. Imagine doing so behind three hundred wagons, choking on dust all the way. Oh yes, and you're a slave.

This is the story of Biddy Mason, a woman who transformed her life from slave to landowner. Along the way, she fed the less fortunate and established the First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles in her living room.

In the Bunker Hill area of downtown Los Angeles, there is a Biddy Mason Monument. It is nestled behind several stores and fast food restaurants, so you could easily miss it if you didn't know it was there. Much like the history of Blacks in Los Angeles, you have to desire to find it.

Saturday, I spent the day on a yellow school bus, not the short one, on the Black Heritage Tour sponsored by the Consolidated Realty Board of Los Angeles and Our Authors Study Club. Los Angeles is my birth place.…