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Visualization Versus Visioning

Some people spent this past summer vacationing to tropical locales. Some worked straight through the summer and are working through fall just holding on until Christmas vacation.

I spent the summer taking a course called Visioning. No it's not what you think. I did not sit around for five weeks imagining all the material things I wanted. Instead, I spent five weeks learning to allow God to reveal to me His vision for my life. So much was revealed to me, that I enrolled in the course for an additional eight weeks this fall.

So what is the difference between visualization and visioning? Visualization is about putting your imprint or ideas of what you want into the Universe. Visioning is about allowing the Universe/God to put Its imprint on you. Visioning is an inspired process. It is much like being an overhead projector for God. You do not control the images or ideas that are placed in you, you simply receive them and then choose to live the vision.

How do we open up and allow God to …

Spiritual Well Fare

by Agnes

When I retired, I thought I would assist my grandchildren (sometimes) with their homework. It has been awhile since I had to deal with elementary school lessons. I knew I had forgotten a lot of basic things, but if you can find resources, you will be able to muddle through. Let's be clear, I make no claim to be smarter then a fifth grader.

Yesterday, my grandson had to look up the definitions of his vocabulary words and then write a sentence using the word. One of the words was "revolutionize". In reviewing his work, the sentence for revolutionize was, "I revolutionize my pants".

When I questioned him on that particular sentence with a gleam in his eye the response was, "Revolutionize means to make a change, and I do change my pants".

So, I ask you, how do you deal with that logic? Outsmarted by a fifth grader!!!

I begin to think, how do we revolutionize our way of thinking? How do we make sense out of nonsense? How do we revolutionize …

You Can't Keep What You Won't Give Away

A few days ago, I woke up grateful for another day. Within seconds, however, gratitude turned into worry. I had been working a consulting job for two months and had not yet been paid. I had also been expecting another check for over a month that had not yet arrived. All that I could do on my end had been done. I had made the appropriate phone calls, "dotted my i's" and "crossed my t's". It was a "hurry up and wait" situation.

The facts were that I hadn't yet paid the mortgage, I had ten days until the grace period ended, and just a few dollars in savings. But what was the truth?

I decided that when I got out of bed, I would turn my attention to how I could help and be a resource for others. I had a colleague who had requested an article from me that she needed for a presentation. I decided to search for the article amongst the piles of paperwork in my den. I searched through file cabinets, egg crates, and binders looking for this one page articl…

No Sex in the City-What Ever Happened to Dating?

Do you have a comment about dating? Let us know what you think!