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Being a Beneficial Presence

This morning when I awoke, I prayed for God to speak through me. I prayed that I would be a beneficial presence today and I set my intention to be love wherever I went.

I was scheduled to speak at a community center in West Los Angeles at ten. When I arrived at about fifteen minutes before I was scheduled to speak, I met the activities director. She was a warm woman from Vienna and as we waited in the conference room for the attendees, we started talking. She was studying hypnotherapy, pursuing a master's degree online, and working full time. She spoke of how although she has lived here for eight years, living in Los Angeles was difficult to get used to. While seniors enjoyed breakfast in the next room, we talked about the importance of community and the difficulty some seniors face in creating one for themselves. We discovered that our birthdays are one day apart (mine January 17th and hers the 18th).

By ten a.m., I was certain that I would not have an audience to speak to--at …

The Power of Saying Yes

For the past year I've been putting off buying a laptop. Sounds crazy, right? After all, I'm a writer! Writers need laptops! I just couldn't justify circulating money in that direction when other financial responsibilities had my attention. However, I finally got to the point where I realized that not circulating money toward something that could potentially inspire me to write more and bring me more abundant opportunities was almost like me getting in my own way.

Once I had this realization, I promised my mastermind group that I would buy a laptop by our January 12 meeting. Since I knew Mercury was going into retrograde on January 11, I figured I'd better do it soon. So on my deceased grandmother's birthday, January 7, I went to Best Buy. I "bit the bullet" and purchased a MacBook with eighteen months deferred billing, no interest, I was surprised that it felt good to circulate money that I didn't feel that I had, toward something that I intuitively a…