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Innovation Part II - The Call Back

"Is that what you're wearing?" The production assistant sporting low-rise jeans and a walkie talkie asked our group as we stood in line in the hot sun waiting for the call back auditions to begin. "Yes", we replied confidently. Then Angela, Sheila, and I shrugged our shoulders at one another in confusion. The previous day at the first audition, we were told to return for the call back wearing the same outfits.

As parents dropped off singing groups in mini vans, we stood in line surrounded by boy and girl bands wearing retro 80's gear. I smirked when I noted the boy band in front of us had vertical lines shaved into their eyebrows and were wearing graffiti t-shirts. I was actually around the first time this look was fashionable.

The Filipino boy band behind us harmonized to a Boys to Men tune for their warm-up. They were from Oakland, drinking designer coffee, and sounding good. Angela opened her umbrella to protect her fair skin from the sun, while Sheila an…

A Poem inspired by The Important Thing by Margaret Wise Brown

The important thing about chocolate
Is that it tastes soooooo good!
It’s like heaven resting on your tongue
You can bite it
You can let it melt in your mouth
It isn’t sour
It is sweet
And it makes me happy.
But the important thing about chocolate is that it tastes soooooo good.

The important thing about music is that
You can dance to it.
You can’t sit still
But you can tap your feet
And wiggle your bottom
And move your head
But the important thing about music
Is that you can dance to it.

The important thing about family
Is that you can rely on them
You can laugh with them
And you can cry with them
And it’s fun to tell family stories
But the important thing about family
Is that you can rely on them.