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Surrendering Versus Giving Up

Yesterday I had a thought concerning a relationship: I give up! This thought came out of a moment of frustration, hurt, and anger. Then I started to think about surrender. If I surrender this situation to the all good of God, is that the same thing as giving up? So I checked in with myself as to the energetic of the two statements: I give up! versus I surrender. Surrendering feels better. I had to ask myself, why is that?

Giving up comes from frustration. You've tried everything, nothing works, so why keep trying? The analogy I thought of was this. If I'm standing in an airplane with a parachute on and I don't take the risk and jump, that's giving up (or is that having sense? But I digress).

Surrendering comes from a different place emotionally. I'm standing in an airplane, I have a parachute on, and I fall effortlessly into the air knowing that I am held and sustained. Surrendering assumes that all will be taken care of. It is the realization that every situation t…