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Feeling Our Way Into the Vortex

"We want you to understand that abundance expands proportionately to match desire, and that there is great untapped abundance not yet allowed by the very humans who have created it. When your life experience causes a focused desire within you, the means to fulfill that desire is crated at the same time--but you have to be on the Vibrational wavelength with your desire in order to see the path to the fulfillment of it." ~Abraham through Esther Hicks

The idea of having the means within us to fulfill our desires really struck me more profoundly recently than it has in the past. It means that with each desire that we have, we have the means to fulfill it ALREADY---even before the desire is manifested. It may seem impossible at first glance. If we have the means within us, then why isn’t the desire already fulfilled?

Abraham shares that the reason our desires may not yet be made manifest is because we are not on the same vibrational wavelength as our desires. So the ques…