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All I Ever Needed to Know About the Law of Attraction I Learned From an Orange

Last month I had a magnificent demonstration of the law of attraction at work. I wanted to attend the Prince concert so much, but it seemed as if every time I tried to get tickets, I came up empty-handed. Ticketmaster was a bust, joining the music club didn't yield a ticket, and although I aided others in securing tickets I couldn't seem to get one myself. My horoscope said that March 28, the day of the concerts, was supposed to be the luckiest day of the year for me but the circumstances I was seeing were not in accord with that. It was frustrating! I finally decided to accept what was occurring in that moment. I saw Prince in concert the month before, so I chose to surrender and dwell in gratitude for that phenomenal experience.

Prince was scheduled to perform three concerts at different venues at the Nokia Center. As luck would have it, the choir I sing with was also scheduled to perform in the plaza at the Nokia Center for Earth Hour. I imagined Prince crossing the plaza…

Apply Gratitude Liberally

I have done all that I can not to buy into the scarcity mindset that is the prevailing consciousness right now. I am praying, visioning, doing theta healing, giving talks to others and taking action from inspiration and not from fear. Today I discovered that there is one more spiritual tool at my disposal that I need to apply more often---gratitude.

Funny how you can learn an important lesson about your beliefs just by going to the mailbox. I was expecting two checks. One for a large amount (read pay the mortgage) and one for a smaller amount (read pay a light bill and buy some groceries). The check that arrived today happened to be the smaller amount. The first thought that entered my mind when I opened that check and looked at the amount was, "is that it?" Then I caught myself.

There was no gratitude or appreciation present for me in that moment. I was dwelling in unmet expectations. I desired a large check and did not get the check I was expecting. I looked at what I was f…