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Surrendering Versus Giving Up

Yesterday I had a thought concerning a relationship: I give up! This thought came out of a moment of frustration, hurt, and anger. Then I started to think about surrender. If I surrender this situation to the all good of God, is that the same thing as giving up? So I checked in with myself as to the energetic of the two statements: I give up! versus I surrender. Surrendering feels better. I had to ask myself, why is that?

Giving up comes from frustration. You've tried everything, nothing works, so why keep trying? The analogy I thought of was this. If I'm standing in an airplane with a parachute on and I don't take the risk and jump, that's giving up (or is that having sense? But I digress).

Surrendering comes from a different place emotionally. I'm standing in an airplane, I have a parachute on, and I fall effortlessly into the air knowing that I am held and sustained. Surrendering assumes that all will be taken care of. It is the realization that every situation t…

Abundance is Our Natural State

When I remind myself to look for evidence of abundance, I see it all around me. There are an abundance of smiles, laughter, and even an abundance of leaves on the trees. If you spend any time at all on Facebook, it's easy to see that there are an abundance of opinions. Abundance is everywhere.

Recently when I was asked to do an exercise asking me to circulate abundance, however, I couldn't see it as well. I was asked to give a specific amount of money to people I don't know without concern for whether they deserved it or not. I was to know that the law of circulation was always in operation, so anything I am willing to circulate always returns to me tenfold. So why was it so difficult to randomly give the money away even though I see all around me that life is abundant?

I did some work in early August that I still haven't gotten paid for. What is owed to me is a significant amount. I wondered how I could afford to give money away when I am owed money.

I kept catching myse…

Who Do YOU Think You Are?

Recently I had the opportunity to attend an event and serve as a healer. While there was a lull in the action, another healer asked me to do a trade; I would facilitate a visioning session for him and he would balance my chakras (no, that isn't a euphemism). Since my healing ability is a newly-found talent, I was a little nervous. See, this healer I mention has been doing healings for a long time--over ten years. In fact, when I used to attend healing events, before I recognized my own ability to heal, he was always in attendance as a healer.

I thought to myself, "what can I possibly offer him? He has WAY more experience than I do." I recognized these thoughts as just another version of "who do you think you are?" Then I remembered that it isn't me that does the work. I am simply a vehicle through which God expresses. So it didn't really matter how much experience I have or don't have as long as I'm willing to put my ego aside and allow myself t…

Stop Making Sense

Today my right palm was tingling. I had my ideas of what this could signify (yes, I've been washing my hands frequently-thank you), but I thought I'd call a healer friend and ask her what she thought. At first she mentioned that it was a sign that I'd be getting a lot of money. She based this answer on the old wives' tale about itchy palms. Then she stated that the hands are the seat of creativity and that perhaps I was being called to express myself creatively. Although the former sounds great, the later most resonates.

Lately I've noticed that the decisions I've been called to make do not make any sense. Yet, creatively these decisions make all the sense in the world. In a few weeks I will be ending a part time job that I've had for three years which provided me with health benefits as well as financial rewards. Logic mind said to go out and find another job immediately. So I called a friend and solicited his help. I went for an interview, which went real…

Excuse Me, You're Stepping on My Perception

Yesterday I had an interesting experience. I am generally a peace-loving, conflict-avoiding person. But yesterday, I wanted to curse someone out!

My colleague and I met to conduct some business. I had parked in one hour parking as the business we were due to complete would not take very long. After we had been meeting for about forty five minutes, I told her that I would have to move my car or feed the meter so that I wouldn't get a ticket and that I would return to sign the second stack of paperwork as needed. She immediately became angry and asked me why I couldn't just sign the papers before I left. She said that she had to get going. I promised her that I would return quickly as I had other appointments that day as well, but she would not budge. Then she went into what I will describe as a rant, about how everything is done at my convenience and she is sick of it. After trying to reason with her and talk to her about how we've compromised in our work together all year,…

Embracing a New Vision

I am really clear about my roles in life. I know that I am a writer, a daughter, an educator, a speaker, a female, etc. Lately, however, I have stepped into a new role--healer.

It started with an invitation from a dear friend, a brother really, to serve as a healer at his birthday celebration. He is a gifted theta healer and his idea was to have healers from several different modalities provide their services, at a very nominal cost, so that all participants had the opportunity to be exposed to healing modalities they may not have tried before. He was calling it A Day of Wholeness. I'd been to similar gatherings before and was excited about sampling some things myself--massage, energy healing; yes to all. Yet, when he asked me to serve as one of the healers, that role didn't seem to fit me. Sure, I am great at visioning and my intuition is really strong. I've been able to share some important information with people that has helped them. I didn't think that I had enou…

All I Ever Needed to Know About the Law of Attraction I Learned From an Orange

Last month I had a magnificent demonstration of the law of attraction at work. I wanted to attend the Prince concert so much, but it seemed as if every time I tried to get tickets, I came up empty-handed. Ticketmaster was a bust, joining the music club didn't yield a ticket, and although I aided others in securing tickets I couldn't seem to get one myself. My horoscope said that March 28, the day of the concerts, was supposed to be the luckiest day of the year for me but the circumstances I was seeing were not in accord with that. It was frustrating! I finally decided to accept what was occurring in that moment. I saw Prince in concert the month before, so I chose to surrender and dwell in gratitude for that phenomenal experience.

Prince was scheduled to perform three concerts at different venues at the Nokia Center. As luck would have it, the choir I sing with was also scheduled to perform in the plaza at the Nokia Center for Earth Hour. I imagined Prince crossing the plaza…

Apply Gratitude Liberally

I have done all that I can not to buy into the scarcity mindset that is the prevailing consciousness right now. I am praying, visioning, doing theta healing, giving talks to others and taking action from inspiration and not from fear. Today I discovered that there is one more spiritual tool at my disposal that I need to apply more often---gratitude.

Funny how you can learn an important lesson about your beliefs just by going to the mailbox. I was expecting two checks. One for a large amount (read pay the mortgage) and one for a smaller amount (read pay a light bill and buy some groceries). The check that arrived today happened to be the smaller amount. The first thought that entered my mind when I opened that check and looked at the amount was, "is that it?" Then I caught myself.

There was no gratitude or appreciation present for me in that moment. I was dwelling in unmet expectations. I desired a large check and did not get the check I was expecting. I looked at what I was f…

Staring Down a Squirrel Part II

Last Tuesday I delivered a speech called, “Staring Down a Squirrel: How to Remain Positive and Productive During an Economic Downturn.” What God gave me to say was spectacular, inspiring, and awesome all around. Even though I didn’t have a microphone as promised and my Mac was not on speaking terms with the Powerpoint projector (don’t ask), I was able to deliver the talk with ease and grace. I felt inspired and from the feedback I received from the group, they felt inspired as well.

That Saturday, the day after payday, I no longer felt inspired because I started worrying about money. As I wrote out checks for bills, I started to recognize that the total amount of bills would certainly be greater than the total amount of money I’d received. I felt myself taking those shallow, worried breaths that fear inspires. Funny, how the Universe works. It seems as though as soon as I started worrying about money, the Universe started calling upon me to produce more abundance.

First, a friend c…

Being a Beneficial Presence

This morning when I awoke, I prayed for God to speak through me. I prayed that I would be a beneficial presence today and I set my intention to be love wherever I went.

I was scheduled to speak at a community center in West Los Angeles at ten. When I arrived at about fifteen minutes before I was scheduled to speak, I met the activities director. She was a warm woman from Vienna and as we waited in the conference room for the attendees, we started talking. She was studying hypnotherapy, pursuing a master's degree online, and working full time. She spoke of how although she has lived here for eight years, living in Los Angeles was difficult to get used to. While seniors enjoyed breakfast in the next room, we talked about the importance of community and the difficulty some seniors face in creating one for themselves. We discovered that our birthdays are one day apart (mine January 17th and hers the 18th).

By ten a.m., I was certain that I would not have an audience to speak to--at …

The Power of Saying Yes

For the past year I've been putting off buying a laptop. Sounds crazy, right? After all, I'm a writer! Writers need laptops! I just couldn't justify circulating money in that direction when other financial responsibilities had my attention. However, I finally got to the point where I realized that not circulating money toward something that could potentially inspire me to write more and bring me more abundant opportunities was almost like me getting in my own way.

Once I had this realization, I promised my mastermind group that I would buy a laptop by our January 12 meeting. Since I knew Mercury was going into retrograde on January 11, I figured I'd better do it soon. So on my deceased grandmother's birthday, January 7, I went to Best Buy. I "bit the bullet" and purchased a MacBook with eighteen months deferred billing, no interest, I was surprised that it felt good to circulate money that I didn't feel that I had, toward something that I intuitively a…