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Free Yourself

As I looked up at the large video screens in Bovard Auditorium, I saw Archbishop Desmond TuTu dancing to the song that we were singing, "We Let It Be". I was on stage singing with the Agape International Choir and Archbishop Tutu was dancing in the aisle. The last time I'd seen him I was in college when he came to speak at Stanford University. I remember being inspired by him then and nearly twenty years later, I was still inspired by his simple presence of love and wisdom.

Before the performance, a few members of the choir had ventured onto the USC campus in search of sustenance. As we exited Bovard Auditorium, Archbishop Tutu was exiting his motorcade. He stopped and bowed to us and we bowed to him. That spiritual sustenance was given to us by him and when we sang, we sent it back to all within the sound of our voices and beyond.

The occasion of our performance was the Freedom Awards sponsored by Free the Slaves. This notable organization was created with the goal of fre…

It Works if You Work It

I closed my eyes and tried to tune in to where my card might be. I saw the drawer in my bedside table. I looked there, no luck. I looked in every drawer in my room, the kitchen, and even my closet with no luck. Then I remembered that I could communicate with God any time and ask for divine guidance. I remembered that there is a part of me which is God that knows full well exactly where my card was. After weeks of studying the teachings of Abraham Hicks, I was tuned in and feeling connected to God. I reached for an improved feeling, using my emotional guidance system, closed my eyes and said, "God, please help me find my library card."

The next day I went to the library to see if a book I had ordered was in yet. As I walked toward the entrance, passing the beautiful Japanese Garden out front, I started rehearsing my excuse in my head. For the past five months, I've been going to the library and telling them that I left my card at home by accident because I didn't want…