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Excuse Me, You're Stepping on My Perception

Yesterday I had an interesting experience. I am generally a peace-loving, conflict-avoiding person. But yesterday, I wanted to curse someone out!

My colleague and I met to conduct some business. I had parked in one hour parking as the business we were due to complete would not take very long. After we had been meeting for about forty five minutes, I told her that I would have to move my car or feed the meter so that I wouldn't get a ticket and that I would return to sign the second stack of paperwork as needed. She immediately became angry and asked me why I couldn't just sign the papers before I left. She said that she had to get going. I promised her that I would return quickly as I had other appointments that day as well, but she would not budge. Then she went into what I will describe as a rant, about how everything is done at my convenience and she is sick of it. After trying to reason with her and talk to her about how we've compromised in our work together all year,…

Embracing a New Vision

I am really clear about my roles in life. I know that I am a writer, a daughter, an educator, a speaker, a female, etc. Lately, however, I have stepped into a new role--healer.

It started with an invitation from a dear friend, a brother really, to serve as a healer at his birthday celebration. He is a gifted theta healer and his idea was to have healers from several different modalities provide their services, at a very nominal cost, so that all participants had the opportunity to be exposed to healing modalities they may not have tried before. He was calling it A Day of Wholeness. I'd been to similar gatherings before and was excited about sampling some things myself--massage, energy healing; yes to all. Yet, when he asked me to serve as one of the healers, that role didn't seem to fit me. Sure, I am great at visioning and my intuition is really strong. I've been able to share some important information with people that has helped them. I didn't think that I had enou…