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My One of a Kind Love Affair With The Spinners

"I'll think about it."

For some people this means maybe, but for my cousin this means no. That is what she said when I invited her to go see the Spinners in concert. I asked a few more friends, but even my mother was not interested. Mom did however, give me a good lead on a potential concert companion--her older sister, my aunt.

I found out where my aunt's seats were and secured a seat right behind her. It seemed that as soon as I decided to see the concert, songs I rarely hear by the Spinners kept popping up on the radio all the time. "Could It Be I'm Falling in Love" and "Working My Way Back To You" took me back to summertime in the 70's when I was just a child enjoying a play date in my cousin's garage.

On concert night, I stood in the admittance line at El Camino College and spotted my Auntie B three parties ahead of me wearing an all-white jean outfit. Once inside, she spotted her ex-husband and his wife while I cruised down to row…

It's All About Gratitude

Recently I was at the supermarket waiting in line and the man in front of me received a ten dollars off coupon for his next shopping trip. The cashier reminded him to keep it in his wallet so that he wouldn't forget it. The man being offered the coupon recognized that he would not remember to bring the coupon, so he turned and handed it to me to use for my shopping order.

I was grateful and said thank you, but when the cashier asked if I wanted to return the favor and contribute one dollar to Easter Seals, I said "no, thank you.'

Later I reflected on that knee jerk response to saying no when asked to contribute something. It was an automatic response. I did not think about it. If I had thought about it, I would have realized that there was a spiritual principle in action right in that moment. I had an opportunity to give back exactly ten percent of what the universe had just given to me. One dollar given for ten dollars received as a gift.

The universe or God is always at w…