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Open Your Hand

In a previous post I shared that I’ve experienced a lot of loss recently. In some cases friends have moved away and in other cases friends are no longer friends. Several people I know have made their transitions. As I talk to friends, they are experiencing much of the same thing.

When I try to hold on to what was, in the face of things changing, it causes me to suffer. I see that. I came up with an analogy to help myself understand why we have to release what was, in order to embrace what is.

I like to think about what I want to hold onto as being in my hand. I envision my fingers clasped tightly into a fist to keep it in my hand. What I have come to realize is that as long as my hand is closed around that past situation, event, or relationship, Spirit cannot place anything new into it.

So I am opening my hand and trusting that God will fill it again with situations that are more aligned with my highest good. Just like a closed mouth doesn't get fed, a closed fist doesn't get…