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Stop Making Sense

Today my right palm was tingling. I had my ideas of what this could signify (yes, I've been washing my hands frequently-thank you), but I thought I'd call a healer friend and ask her what she thought. At first she mentioned that it was a sign that I'd be getting a lot of money. She based this answer on the old wives' tale about itchy palms. Then she stated that the hands are the seat of creativity and that perhaps I was being called to express myself creatively. Although the former sounds great, the later most resonates.

Lately I've noticed that the decisions I've been called to make do not make any sense. Yet, creatively these decisions make all the sense in the world. In a few weeks I will be ending a part time job that I've had for three years which provided me with health benefits as well as financial rewards. Logic mind said to go out and find another job immediately. So I called a friend and solicited his help. I went for an interview, which went real…