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Staring Down a Squirrel Part II

Last Tuesday I delivered a speech called, “Staring Down a Squirrel: How to Remain Positive and Productive During an Economic Downturn.” What God gave me to say was spectacular, inspiring, and awesome all around. Even though I didn’t have a microphone as promised and my Mac was not on speaking terms with the Powerpoint projector (don’t ask), I was able to deliver the talk with ease and grace. I felt inspired and from the feedback I received from the group, they felt inspired as well.

That Saturday, the day after payday, I no longer felt inspired because I started worrying about money. As I wrote out checks for bills, I started to recognize that the total amount of bills would certainly be greater than the total amount of money I’d received. I felt myself taking those shallow, worried breaths that fear inspires. Funny, how the Universe works. It seems as though as soon as I started worrying about money, the Universe started calling upon me to produce more abundance.

First, a friend c…