Inner Resources

Recently I began a course designed to deepen my spiritual practice and assist me in taking all of the spiritual truths that I know and actualize them. In other words, I'm learning about "walking the talk!". There are so many things that we know intellectually about God, Spirit, the Universe or however we refer to our higher power. Yet, once we realize these truths, how active are we in actualizing these truths---or "walking the talk?"

As I sat down to do my homework, this question was in the back of my mind. My task was to write down a list of the resources that are available to me. While I started out listing material resources, I quickly moved on to people. I saw how there are many people in my life who model success and abundance for me. Finally, I started to recognize my personality traits, strengths, and talents as resources as well. My sense of humor is a resource for me when faced with unexpected circumstances. My creativity is a resource for me when I am called upon to improvise. Love is a resource for me when faced with actions by others that challenge me.

I saw that my resources are vast. Then I had to question how well I take advantage of utilizing these resources to manifest my desires. To paraphrase the Bible, have I been seeking all that I want to find in life? I saw that I could do more and be more because God has already given me all that I need. My long list of resources was proof of that.

Today at work I was given the opportunity to immediately practice what I have learned. I was in a session with new graduate students and the person who was supposed to lead the session had a family emergency. I was the only one there to lead the session. I called upon my creative resources and taught the session with ease and grace. My inner resources were enough to save the day.


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