Go Kim, It's Your Birthday!

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday. I am proud to share a birthday with Muhammad Ali, Jim Carrey, Eartha Kitt, and Ben Franklin. This year was a low-key celebration as it wasn't one of those big years--not 21, 30, 40 or 50. I enjoyed happy hour with some friends and consumed approximately my body weight in food, pina coladas and cake.

What I did see so powerfully is that I am blessed to have people around me who are willing to celebrate my life year after year. They show up, they call and sing, they email and they find ways to send their love. So in honor of my family and friends I'd just like to thank God for another year of life, of perfect health, of prosperity, and love.

May I grow more grateful and thankful with each passing moment. May I share my time, talents, and gifts with others. May I become more of myself as God every day and may I inspire others to do the same.

And so it is.


Carol said…
Happy, happy life Kim. Thanks for sharing your blog with me.

Love ya!

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