Change the Bulb!

The other day I was in my hallway looking through a box I'd placed near the front door. The light was already on, but it was dark. In an attempt to get more light, I flipped the light switch and turned the light off completely. I looked up and noted that all four bulbs on the lamp nearest me were burned out which left me with only the light from further down the hall to see by.

It struck me that there might be other times when I'm attempting to extract more light from a burned-out bulb. What thought forms (bulbs) might I need to replace in order to manifest my true desires(more light)?

The light switch on the wall was working. That energy source was available to me in that moment, but I could not access it because the consciousness with which I was operating was not in alignment with what I needed to create more light in my life.

In any area of your life where things that you desire are not showing up, change the consciousness with which you approach that challenge you are facing. Divine source or God is always available and ready to give us our desires. Change the bulb!


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