I Remember

I remember singing lead on
"Walkin in the Rain With the One I love"
On stage with my friends
When I was four
I remember I only knew the chorus

I remember being five years old
and telling Mrs. Waters
That I was going to marry her son
I was only in kindergarten
But hey,
I thought she should know.

I remember wanting to love someone
Like Marcia loved Davy Jones.

I remember meeting my very first
At a pajama party
The night I had my first car accident

I remember I was eighteen
and college bound.
He was dyslexic
And two grades behind me
And I loved him
More than Marcia loved
Davy Jones.

I remember seeing Prince in concert
For the very first time.
I remember a girl
Screaming uncontrollably
And realizing with Horror
That the sound was coming
From me.
I remember that I'd just turned eighteen
and had seen Purple Rain
About thirteen times.

I remember dancing to Prince tunes
at college parties in the suites
Until the walls sweated
And blue jean prints stained the paint.
I remember.


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