It Works if You Work It

I closed my eyes and tried to tune in to where my card might be. I saw the drawer in my bedside table. I looked there, no luck. I looked in every drawer in my room, the kitchen, and even my closet with no luck. Then I remembered that I could communicate with God any time and ask for divine guidance. I remembered that there is a part of me which is God that knows full well exactly where my card was. After weeks of studying the teachings of Abraham Hicks, I was tuned in and feeling connected to God. I reached for an improved feeling, using my emotional guidance system, closed my eyes and said, "God, please help me find my library card."

The next day I went to the library to see if a book I had ordered was in yet. As I walked toward the entrance, passing the beautiful Japanese Garden out front, I started rehearsing my excuse in my head. For the past five months, I've been going to the library and telling them that I left my card at home by accident because I didn't want to pay to replace a library card that I knew was in my house SOMEWHERE. It was the principle of the thing. Since I know my card number by heart (yes, I am truly a library nerd), I had no trouble signing up to have books sent to my local library or using the library computers. The check out process was the only hitch.

So, once again, I found myself at the counter telling that story about forgetting my card. Only this time, the clerk looked at the computer screen and told me to wait just a second. He left me at the desk wondering if he were going to get the library card police. I just knew the jig was up. I was busted. No more "I left my card at home by accident" excuses. The clerk returned with a white legal envelope in hand. Inside was the library card that I'd torn up my house looking for.

Some might say that it was all a coincidence. I don't believe in coincidence. After all, it had been five months, but someone had realized that my library card was in the lost and found only the day after I asked God to help me find it.

A library card may seem like a small thing to some, but for me it represents much more. I love to read and to write. Historically, my ancestors were forbidden to do either, so for me the possession of a library card represents freedom. Thank you, God, for the return of my library card.

Learning spiritual principle intellectually is a good thing, but learning to apply spiritual principle in all areas of my life big and small is even better. It works if you work it and I am working it.


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