Embracing a New Vision

I am really clear about my roles in life. I know that I am a writer, a daughter, an educator, a speaker, a female, etc. Lately, however, I have stepped into a new role--healer.

It started with an invitation from a dear friend, a brother really, to serve as a healer at his birthday celebration. He is a gifted theta healer and his idea was to have healers from several different modalities provide their services, at a very nominal cost, so that all participants had the opportunity to be exposed to healing modalities they may not have tried before. He was calling it A Day of Wholeness. I'd been to similar gatherings before and was excited about sampling some things myself--massage, energy healing; yes to all. Yet, when he asked me to serve as one of the healers, that role didn't seem to fit me. Sure, I am great at visioning and my intuition is really strong. I've been able to share some important information with people that has helped them. I didn't think that I had enough control over the way the information came through me, however, to justify calling myself a healer. A healer was someone who was practiced and in control, right? So I said no. I told him I wasn't ready.

A few days later, I was on a bus headed to an event downtown. I heard very clearly, "tell him you will do it." I have learned to listen to my intuition, so I sent my brother a text saying that I'd do it. He was thrilled and grateful. I was happy that he was thrilled, but perplexed that I had been told to do it.

Lately I've realized that there are many roles I've had in life that I didn't expect beforehand. If someone had told me before it happened that I'd be on an archaeological dig someday, I would've said, "yeah, right." Yet, I've done that. When I was an English major in college, I swore I'd never be an English teacher. Yet, I've done that too-at the secondary level and university level.

I've learned that sometimes people see qualities in me that I may not recognize because these qualities are so ingrained in me that I cannot see them. They say a fish doesn't know water until you remove the fish from water, right?

So I'm now open to embracing several new roles in my life. International speaker? Yes! First soprano? Yes! Healer? Yes! I am willing, I am open, I embrace a new vision. And so IT IS!


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