Surrendering Versus Giving Up

Yesterday I had a thought concerning a relationship: I give up! This thought came out of a moment of frustration, hurt, and anger. Then I started to think about surrender. If I surrender this situation to the all good of God, is that the same thing as giving up? So I checked in with myself as to the energetic of the two statements: I give up! versus I surrender. Surrendering feels better. I had to ask myself, why is that?

Giving up comes from frustration. You've tried everything, nothing works, so why keep trying? The analogy I thought of was this. If I'm standing in an airplane with a parachute on and I don't take the risk and jump, that's giving up (or is that having sense? But I digress).

Surrendering comes from a different place emotionally. I'm standing in an airplane, I have a parachute on, and I fall effortlessly into the air knowing that I am held and sustained. Surrendering assumes that all will be taken care of. It is the realization that every situation that appears in life is guaranteed to reveal more goodness, more perfection, and more God. It is knowing that my highest good is achieved in EVERY circumstance; whether I like the outcome or not.

I choose to trust in God. I choose surrender. I surrender all. It just feels better. And so it is!


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