Sit Your Behind Down!

If you live outside of Southern California, you don't EVEN want to know what the weather is like today. You'd hate me. Eighty degrees in March! I took a walk by the beach today. I always learn something on my walks, but today I wasn't really looking for a lesson-I just wanted to take in some sunshine and ocean energy.

As I walked on The Strand in Manhattan Beach, I took in the ocean, the birds, the surfers, and all the children being pushed in strollers. And then there were the dogs. I noticed a woman walking a black and white dog. I noticed that the woman was going at a pretty good clip, walking in the opposite direction. All of the sudden, mid-stride, the dog lay down. Belly to cement, tongue hanging out, done. It was as if the dog suddenly said, "forget this mess. I'm taking a breather." The woman walking the dog quickly saw the futility of pulling the leash as it was clear that the dog wasn't going anywhere. This was an instance where I truly did LMAO.

What was the lesson? I realized that there are so many times in my life where I am going great guns and could use a break. The pressures of accomplishing things and checking things off my "to do list" are unavoidable. Or so it seems. The truth is that just like that dog, I can stop and take a breath. I can take some time to regroup before moving on. Even spiritual warriors need a break and taking a breather doesn't mean that I won't accomplish all my goals; it just means that I'll be refreshed and centered when I do.

After I laughed for what seemed an eternity, I sat down on a bench to look at the ocean. Like that little dog, I took a breather. I took in the sights and sounds around me. I looked at my hands which were red and slightly swollen from pumping my arms on my long walk. After a few moments of appreciation for my surroundings, I got up and completed my goal. I still made the distance, but I stopped to enjoy the journey and take in the view along the way.


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