Action Addiction

"I'm sorry we didn't do anything exciting."

My friend's apology came after a leisurely day filled with time at her home with her husband and kids and a brief shopping excursion. I was visiting her for three days to keep her company as she had just had surgery. I told her that I was okay with relaxing and that she didn't need to entertain me with something "exciting".

Her apology made me think about how it seems that at times we all become addicted to entertainment, excitement, or DRAMA. If something isn't happening that's worthy of a Facebook post or even a "tall tale" to entertain friends with, we think life is boring. Or maybe that's just me or someone you know.

The truth that I know is that being given the opportunity to engage in life itself is amazing, exciting, and worthy of a Facebook post! To have the opportunity to live, breathe, and have our experiences in this body, in this now is more than worthy of celebration.

When I'm with my friends and family, I make it a practice to keep reminding myself to be fully present in the moment rather than allowing my mind to run down my "to do list" or think about what's next. This allows me to really appreciate the experience that I am having in the Now. There's NOTHING more exciting than that. Here's to Now!


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