We Are All Healers

"Why didn't they accept the payment?", the teller at the bank asked innocently. "It's a long story", I offered. This was the upset of the day that got me where I needed to be. I was getting "sick and tired" of being "sick and tired." So many things seemed to be going wrong in my life--I'd been sick for almost two weeks, finances didn't look that great, and my heart felt like it needed some major mending. It was a gloomy day so my first thought was to go home, make some tea, put on my pajamas and sleep. It was only 3 p.m.

Once I left the bank I decided that if there was ever a time to call upon spiritual tools, this was it. So instead of going home, I decided to go to the Marriott and check out a healer named Braco (pronounced Brautzo) that I had heard was doing a "gazing" every hour on the hour. A friend had informed me that his voice would also be heard during the final gazing; a rare treat since he hasn't spoken publicly for the past eight years.

I'd participated in a gazing session at my spiritual center the day before and noted that the people around me had varying reactions to the experience. The woman on my left sobbed the entire time, while the woman on my right seemed to be waiting for something profound to occur. "What next?" she asked aloud.

I'd experienced a profound sense of peace and calm. I somehow knew that we all have the power to heal with our gaze of love. The next day, however, the upset I experienced at the bank overshadowed that knowing. I felt that I needed to have as much or more positive input than the negative input I felt inundated with. I decided to hold the intention of a heart healing for myself and for several loved ones. I also intended to have a shift in the area of finances.

I parked my car on a residential street near the hotel and walked. It had stopped raining long enough for me to walk without my umbrella up. I descended to the ballroom level on the escalator. The first person I saw was a fairly famous actress. We're friends on Facebook, but I don't think she knew. She smiled anyway.

The next person I saw was someone I'd known for several years from church. She was in a wheelchair. Once I got my ticket for the gazing, I headed over to the line that was forming to enter the ballroom. The last person in line was a friend. She'd posted a comment on my Facebook page saying that she'd be there in the afternoon. I had no idea we'd be there at the same hour. She had brought a collage of photos of her loved ones which was pasted on a piece of cardboard.

As we talked, we shared our intentions for the gazing. Several other people we knew from church exited the ballroom as we were waiting; including the woman who'd told me about the gazing. I saw people that had been healing clients of mine. I also saw several people I'd seen the day before at the Conscious Life Expo. Seeing again that this spiritual community is so small, it reminded how we are all truly one.

During our conversation, my friend happened to lift the piece of cardboard with the photos of her loved ones to her chest. This gave me a glimpse of the back side of the cardboard. I saw the name of the company that the box she'd cut up had come from--Intuit. This was the name of the company that one of the loved ones I was praying for works with. I recognized instantly this amazing "God wink" and I knew that I was in the right place at the right time. Then my right hand began to vibrate.

This was a significant sign for me because I am an energy worker. The left hand typically represents the receiving hand and the right hand the giving hand. My right hand usually "heats up" when I'm either around someone who needs energy work or near someone or something that carries that high spiritual consciousness or vibration.

We soon entered the ballroom. After the welcome and some sweet flute music, a recording was played of Braco's voice. The message was in Croatian with no translation. The feeling tone was familiar, however. Later, in the parking lot, my friend and I would translate the message into English although we speak no Croatian.

Shortly after the message, Braco was introduced. He entered the ballroom, stood on a wooden platform on the makeshift stage, and gazed at the audience for the duration of one song. My crown and third eye chakra were activated. I felt heat in those areas. Then I began to see different images and became aware of certain experiences that I was going to have in the near future. I felt a resurgence of hope and a profound love for all; even the person I was praying for that I didn't even like. I noticed that more than anything, I thought about my loved ones and held the intention for their highest good to be done. I placed them in my heart, even the one I don't like, and held them there inundated with all the love I've ever felt---all the love that is. Finances took a back seat to this so much, that I hardly thought about it. I anticipated a major shift in my life, or perhaps my consciousness and I was excited to see how it would all manifest.

In the parking lot, my friend and I downloaded the message. "You are perfect, whole and complete. You are made in the image and likeness of God. Your highest good is done. All is well. And so IT IS."


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