Another Take on the Law of Attraction

The movie, The Secret, has been very instrumental in sharing New Thought with a public that goes beyond those who attend New Thought Centers or churches. One of the spiritual principles shared in the film is the Law of Attraction. To briefly sum up this idea, we attract the situations, people, and material things which are in alignment with the energy with which we vibrate. If we vibrate positive energy, we attract positive situations. If we vibrate negative energy, we attract negative situations. This principle is radical in some minds because in essence it means that we are responsible for every situation in our lives. The thought is that we have drawn these situations in; our thoughts and feelings have attracted them.Consequently, if we want to attract positive people, situations, and things we have to draw them to us by holding positive feelings and thoughts.

While on a meditative walk the other day, I had the realization that in truth we don't attract or draw things to us, as much as we pull things out of us. If we begin with the spiritual principle that God has already given us all that we need by virtue of our birthright as children of God, then there is nothing that we need to draw in because all is already given. Author David Spangler, in his writings, describes manifestation as the transfer of energy from one form to another. If we recognize that we already have all that we need, then when things show up in form we are actually transforming energy that we already have, from the unseen world of faith to the visible world of effects. This is a powerful realization. This is spiritual principle actualized.


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