Where I'm From

I am from Pillsbury cupcakes, from t.v. dinners and "Boogie Fever". I am from birds of paradise, sloping front lawns, and a duplex filled with family. I am from gag gifts at Christmas and "the Murphy Look", from Charles and Mary and the Mitchells too.

I am from the creative and the strong. From "you'll be a clown when you're paid to be a clown" and "you're the only child I put on this earth!" I am from new thought and ancient wisdom. I'm from Los Angeles and Africa, smoked turkey and boxed

From the high school romance of my mother and father, their divorce and "but I love him!" I am from intelligent and beautiful women, loving uncles, and cousins more like siblings.

I am possibility in action. I am peace. I am a spiritual being ever learning, ever expanding, ever evolving. I am love.


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