Spiritual Well Fare

by Agnes

When I retired, I thought I would assist my grandchildren (sometimes) with their homework. It has been awhile since I had to deal with elementary school lessons. I knew I had forgotten a lot of basic things, but if you can find resources, you will be able to muddle through. Let's be clear, I make no claim to be smarter then a fifth grader.

Yesterday, my grandson had to look up the definitions of his vocabulary words and then write a sentence using the word. One of the words was "revolutionize". In reviewing his work, the sentence for revolutionize was, "I revolutionize my pants".

When I questioned him on that particular sentence with a gleam in his eye the response was, "Revolutionize means to make a change, and I do change my pants".

So, I ask you, how do you deal with that logic? Outsmarted by a fifth grader!!!

I begin to think, how do we revolutionize our way of thinking? How do we make sense out of nonsense? How do we revolutionize the chaos in our lives? And finally most importantly,how was I going to close the communication gap between what my grandson read as the meaning in order to help him write a better sentence?

To my grandson I replied, revolutionize is more then taking articles of clothing and replacing them. Revolutionize means turning away from the old to create something new or different. It is a form of letting go and moving forward.

Isn't it interesting that concept of words means different things to different people based on on an individuals perception?

As you think of the word "revolutionize", what will you do to refresh and/or change or will you just change your pants?

Peace and caring.


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