You Can't Keep What You Won't Give Away

A few days ago, I woke up grateful for another day. Within seconds, however, gratitude turned into worry. I had been working a consulting job for two months and had not yet been paid. I had also been expecting another check for over a month that had not yet arrived. All that I could do on my end had been done. I had made the appropriate phone calls, "dotted my i's" and "crossed my t's". It was a "hurry up and wait" situation.

The facts were that I hadn't yet paid the mortgage, I had ten days until the grace period ended, and just a few dollars in savings. But what was the truth?

I decided that when I got out of bed, I would turn my attention to how I could help and be a resource for others. I had a colleague who had requested an article from me that she needed for a presentation. I decided to search for the article amongst the piles of paperwork in my den. I searched through file cabinets, egg crates, and binders looking for this one page article. Meanwhile, I found other material that I was able to put aside for other colleagues who had requested my help.

Finally, after two hours of searching, I found the one page article and faxed it to my colleague. Then it dawned on me. Not once during that two hours had I thought about my seeming financial challenges or what it appeared I didn't have. I had been focused instead on my resources and how I could be of service.

It wasn't about distracting myself. It was about choosing where to place my focus and attention in that moment. It was about being of service. So while the facts may not have been appearing the way I would have liked them to and had the capability of shifting from one moment to the next, the truth never changed.

I am made in the abundant image and likeness of God and I can only keep what I'm willing to give away. I am willing to give away my resources, my support, my service, and my time. I have all of these things in abundance and I am willing to give them away.

The next day I received a phone message. The check was in the mail. A new fact was introduced, but that did not change the truth.


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