The Dance of Life

Last night I went to a good old-fashioned house party. You know, the kind where the front windows get all steamed up from the heat of the bodies pressed close together in the living room. I went to junior high with the dj, so as a contemporary of mine he played much old-school music. I danced the perm out of my hair!

At one point during the night, the dj said "some of you are going to be sore tomorrow." I laughed in acknowledgement of the fact that there may have been some people at the party who felt like they are getting older and can't move their bodies like they used to without paying for it the next day. I however, am proudly "youthing".

When I dance, I am out of time and space. My spirit is free and I feel sexy and happy. I don't think about what bills need to be paid or who hasn't behaved the way I would've liked them to. I dance the dance of life.

With 2009 rapidly approaching, I invite you to shed your notions of limitation. We are not too old, too fat, too thin, too broke, etc. We are spirit dancing the eternal dance. Party on.


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