God Jar

This week I was asked to contribute to the creation of an altar representing release. I struggled with what to bring. Then I remembered a God jar I'd created. Two years ago, I was taking a spiritual course and learned about a ritual of using a jar to release any problems that I was facing to God. So I created a God jar, wrote all my problems on Post It notes and sealed them in the plastic jar. On top of the lid, I attached another Post It note which read something like, "These problems are being handled by God. My highest good is done now." I did not stop thinking about those problems right away; however, two years later I can honestly say that I do not remember the problems that seemed so overwhelming that I chose to give them to God by placing them in that jar. That is grace.

Have I been tempted to open the jar and take a peek? Yes! Of course! I even imagined that someday I'd add more worries to the jar at some point. Yet, somehow I've come to think of that jar as a sort of Pandora's box. I wonder if I open it, will all the problems I have to be revisited? So, for now, I will keep it closed and planted on a high shelf in my closet. It is a physical reminder of the grace of God. It is a reminder of the importance of truly releasing my concerns to a Higher Power and trusting that all is well in spite of any appearance to the contrary.

Today I went into a public restroom and was surprised that when I flipped the light switch the light came on and then went out almost immediately. I expected that when I activated that switch, the light would stay on. I have come to understand that I must trust in God the same way. Once I turn something over to God, I intend to do so with the same degree of faith that I had when I flipped that light switch. The difference is that God won't short circuit on me. God is the same now and forever. For this I am eternally grateful. And so It is.


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