All I Ever Needed to Know About the Law of Attraction I Learned From an Orange

Last month I had a magnificent demonstration of the law of attraction at work. I wanted to attend the Prince concert so much, but it seemed as if every time I tried to get tickets, I came up empty-handed. Ticketmaster was a bust, joining the music club didn't yield a ticket, and although I aided others in securing tickets I couldn't seem to get one myself. My horoscope said that March 28, the day of the concerts, was supposed to be the luckiest day of the year for me but the circumstances I was seeing were not in accord with that. It was frustrating! I finally decided to accept what was occurring in that moment. I saw Prince in concert the month before, so I chose to surrender and dwell in gratitude for that phenomenal experience.

Prince was scheduled to perform three concerts at different venues at the Nokia Center. As luck would have it, the choir I sing with was also scheduled to perform in the plaza at the Nokia Center for Earth Hour. I imagined Prince crossing the plaza area between concerts, spotting our choir performing and joining us onstage. Hey, anything is possible.

As I prepared to sing I got a text from my cousin, who also sings in the choir. He had successfully purchased one ticket online and the confirmation he received indicated that there might be more than one ticket for him at the box office; although he had only purchased one. He promised that if he got to the box office and there was more than one ticket, he would give the extra ticket to me. Later, I got the text, "Two tickets! Hurry up!". There were two tickets at the box office. I grabbed an orange and my coat and ran from the Staples Center to the Nokia Center to join him at the theatre. I could not believe how lucky I was.

When we got to the entrance, I was told that I could not bring in my orange and that it would be thrown away if I left it with security. Hmm orange or Prince concert? Yep, the orange was left behind. Funny though. I hate to waste food. The wasted orange stayed in the back of my mind. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated and enjoyed the heck out of my free ticket to a Prince concert and I would never overlook that huge blessing!!!! However, I also decided that I was going to manifest an orange to replace the one I had to give up. I wanted to have my orange and eat it too! Okay, I'm a Capricorn and yes, stubbornness is part of my charm.

Two days later, I went to work. To my delight, someone had brought oranges to share. I got my orange back. After that it seemed that oranges followed me or preceded me everywhere I went. Free oranges started to show up at work every time I went there. There was even orange scented bathroom spray at a friend's house when I went to visit.

I got to thinking about the law of attraction and the principles The Secret luminaries shared in the movie. God or the Universe does not know any difference between manifesting an orange or a Prince ticket. I was seeing some things as being easy to manifest (oranges) and others as being difficult (Prince concert tickets). Yet, the Universe is always giving of Itself and responding to our vibrational frequencies. Whatever I desire is available to me as long as I am an energetic match to it. All I ever needed to know I learned from an orange.


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