Apply Gratitude Liberally

I have done all that I can not to buy into the scarcity mindset that is the prevailing consciousness right now. I am praying, visioning, doing theta healing, giving talks to others and taking action from inspiration and not from fear. Today I discovered that there is one more spiritual tool at my disposal that I need to apply more often---gratitude.

Funny how you can learn an important lesson about your beliefs just by going to the mailbox. I was expecting two checks. One for a large amount (read pay the mortgage) and one for a smaller amount (read pay a light bill and buy some groceries). The check that arrived today happened to be the smaller amount. The first thought that entered my mind when I opened that check and looked at the amount was, "is that it?" Then I caught myself.

There was no gratitude or appreciation present for me in that moment. I was dwelling in unmet expectations. I desired a large check and did not get the check I was expecting. I looked at what I was focused on--lack. A lack of what I truly wanted; the large check.

In that instant, I made a decision to shift my focus to gratitude. I became grateful that I'd received a check. I have learned that this is where the proverbial rubber hits the road. I have learned that this is when I need to apply spiritual technology. Since I am aware that what I focus on expands, I choose to focus on gratitude. Apply gratitude liberally.


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