Retreat to Advance-Joshua Tree Silent Meditation Retreat Chronicles

Day Two, Morning

When I woke up, my first words were, "Oh sh$@!" It was 7:14 am. I'd woken up at 6:15 am and had hit the proverbial snooze button with the intention of going to yoga class at 7:30 am. Up to that point, I'd been really good about being in the silence. I could only laugh at myself for breaking my serene silence with an expletive. Good thing my roommate wasn't there to witness it.

At yoga class I felt less flexible than I remembered myself being. I enjoyed focusing on my breath and I took it easy on myself, although it was a challenging class for me. My roommate had come to get me right before yoga, but I lost track of her after the class. I went to breakfast on my own.

After a day of meditation, I realized that I was having premonitions. What was interesting was that they would come to me as images during meditation. What was also interesting is that they were regarding something unexpected---food. That's right, every day in meditation I would see one of the foods we'd be eating at the next meal. The first time it was a bowl of raisins. I walked into the dining hall at breakfast and there they were next to the oatmeal. The second day it was blueberries (which accompanied the vegan dessert at dinner). Finally, the third day it was bananas. I wondered why premonitions about lottery numbers weren't forthcoming.

Later, I walked the labyrinth on the property. As I walked, I gave myself permission to experience miracles. I affirmed that I am peace. I knew that God always brings my desires or something better. And I gave thanks.


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