Visualization Versus Visioning

Some people spent this past summer vacationing to tropical locales. Some worked straight through the summer and are working through fall just holding on until Christmas vacation.

I spent the summer taking a course called Visioning. No it's not what you think. I did not sit around for five weeks imagining all the material things I wanted. Instead, I spent five weeks learning to allow God to reveal to me His vision for my life. So much was revealed to me, that I enrolled in the course for an additional eight weeks this fall.

So what is the difference between visualization and visioning? Visualization is about putting your imprint or ideas of what you want into the Universe. Visioning is about allowing the Universe/God to put Its imprint on you. Visioning is an inspired process. It is much like being an overhead projector for God. You do not control the images or ideas that are placed in you, you simply receive them and then choose to live the vision.

How do we open up and allow God to use us like an overhead projector? First, you must become still. Center yourself in God recognizing your oneness with Her. Next, mentally begin to ask questions like, "what is God's vision for my life?" Then be open to receiving answers in the forms of smells, tastes, feelings, images, colors, words and sounds. Sometimes these messages or answers come during the visioning process and sometimes they come after. Try not to second guess the messages or visions. Know that you are one with God and that the visions come from Her. Finally, release the visions, give thanks, and record what you saw, felt, and heard.

I have been keeping a journal of my visions since August and have seen that some the visions have already manifested. In the next segment, I'll talk about how to tell the difference between a true vision and wishful thinking.


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