Skip to It

by Agnes Williams

Two days ago, I was watching my three year old granddaughter trying to skip. I have prided myself in teaching my nephews, nieces, two children, and my other three grandchildren in the art of skipping. I had the perfect skip technique.

Skipping is an art, and I enjoyed the hopping and rhythm of it. Skipping to me is just pure fun. So, in my mind I heard, "Keep up the tradition Agnes, show Maya the art of skipping". I didn't realize I hadn't skipped with a child in four years. So, I said to Maya, " Follow Grandmother", and to my utter surprise when I tried to skip my knees took a holiday.

My equilibrium was impacted with the loss of knee power, and I could not properly hop. I turned to my husband, and said "I lost my skip". Instead of feeling remorse, I laughed. Don't ask why that would be funny, but I thought, okay get a grip.

I have been quietly practicing ways to adjust so I can skip again. I believe when things don't work out for you or go wrong, you adjust. And if it stills doesn't work out for you, time to make some changes. So, I lost my skip perhaps permanently, and I figure I can point to others and request they teach Maya the art of skipping (of course I will be critiquing).

The world is abundant with many joyful things that can make us happy. All we have to do is be still and accept the abundance. I know there will be other fun things I can teach Maya.

I will mourn losing the ability to "skip". However, there is perhaps a win-win even if between the dash there could be a loss, you just have to remember to "skip" forward to the win and let go of what you can't do any longer to the possibilities of what you can do.


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