Visualization Versus Visioning Part III

In part two of this three-part article, I talked about how to tell whether our visions come from ego or from God or Higher Mind. In this installation I'd like to explore the question, once we are clear about the source of our visions, what do we do with them?

As mentioned previously, sometimes our visions do not seem to make sense. We don't know what to do with them without further information. Once we receive a vision like this we have to wait for further instructions. Sometimes that further instruction can be a spontaneous inner prompting to take some action or to say something to someone.

Three years ago, I was talking on the phone with a woman who owned a business whose services I was interested in. Previously to this phone conversation, I had gotten the vision of doing acting and writing playshops on cruise ships, but I didn't know how to accomplish that. Although I was talking to the woman about something completely unrelated to my cruise ship idea, I felt a spontaneous inner prompting to ask her about speaking on cruise ships. At first I fought this idea, but I have learned to listen to my intuition. I told the woman what I wanted to do and she ended up providing me with the name of an entertainment company to contact that could help me achieve my vision.

We have to be open and available for God to speak to us many different ways. God is always speaking and we have to be open and available to receive answers through people, divine/inspired ideas, and serendipitous events.

During this holiday season, may you and yours express God's vision of your lives on a greater and greater level in every moment.


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